Sunday, January 31, 2016

Book Release : Development Through Culture – Concept, Dynamics, Road Ahead

Culture is the real strength of a nation; it reflects the genius of her people applied to and visible in all spheres of life. This includes history, heritage and worldview – a special approach to life peculiar to them. It is particularly true in regard to India, where culture and spirituality has ancient roots. 
There is an acute need to evolve a model of development that includes indices which reflect our psyche – of inclusiveness, familial, socio-cultural, community responsibilities, of happiness, of thrift – in short, an extremely potent social capital.Development interventions should leverage the social capital in terms of community institutions and social arrangements to support holistic economic wellness of the people. 
To usher in intellectual discourse that can reach towards that model the Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture organized Sri S. Gurmurthy’s talks in Guwahati and Itanagar. A thinker, a renowned economist, who had studied development patterns of several communities of India in depth and over a long period in time, Gurumurthyji arrives at the conclusion that a culture-driven model of development is not just an alternative model but the only sustainable model of development.
The Second Edition of Development Through Culture also contains an Epilogue providing a bird’s eye view of the present economic scenario and the need to press ahead with this model. The book is an outcome of original thinking of an economist of high caliber, and it presents an argument that is robust and well-reasoned. 
“I am sure that this discourse initiated by him on Culture and Development will be intensely discussed and debated to create a truly acceptable and effective model of development for wider application,” writes Sri Kashinath Hazarika, former Chairman North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd.

ISBN: 978-93-83079-14-8
Price : `.100/-       

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