Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sri Punit Kialita spoke on the topic Namghar

Audience at Mangaldoi on the topic Namghar 

Sri Pulin Kalita, senior journalist of Dainik Asam, delivered a lecture on July 16, 2017 at Mangaldoi on the topic Namghar as a cultural school (Namghar Eti Sanskritik Sikhyaloy). Since its beginning as a Harigriha in the time of Mahapurush Sankardeva, the Namghar has been the center of spirituality and culture. It acted as a platform where the faithful could share equal space regardless of their social and economic background. It was thus a great initiative promoting Sanatana Dharma and at the same time establishing social equity.

Namghar Eti Sanskritik Sikhyaloy

 However, it also has carried out a role of spreading cultural awareness through many events held at the venue. The Nam Sankirtans, bhaona, to name a few were great cultural feats which were kept alive in the Namghar across the State. Thus a religious place, in essence, has been a silent facilitator of forming the Assamese cultural identity.