Thursday, November 30, 2017

Gita Jayanti Celebration

Gita Jayanti was solemnly organised in VKIC on Thursday, November 30 at its own auditorium with a large number of people taking part in the event. Sri Govindramji Sharma from Belda, Haridwar delivered the oration which centered on the subject – What Gita tells about Karma-yoga. The elder Gita Pracharak mentioned that although many physical developments were happening all around us, there was an absence of peace. “People are doing Karma, but is that in accordance with what the Gita says?”


The development we see around us has not contributed to the welfare of all. Working for one’s own narrow interest is not Karma yoga, our saints and visionaries make us learn that one has to go much beyond.They are remembered and worshiped because they worked for the good of others, the welfare of society and the nation. Swami Vivekananda had aid, “Expansion is life. Contraction is death,” and we have to abide by this.


Karma yoga also entails that whatever is performed is in tune with 
Swadharma. Equanimity is one of the greatest of quality that the Gita 
upholds. The wise person sees no difference among various life forms.
The behavior may vary according to the relationships they have, but 
they will perceive everyone as equal. From this viewpoint of 

equanimity they try to work with no attachment and seek to bring in 
welfare for all.

A VKIC publication on Sister Nivedita – the ardent disciple of Swami 

Vivekananda – was released on the occasion. The Editor of the book, Dr 

Mukunda Rajbongshi spoke briefly about the life of the great Indian 

nationalist who also made significant contributions to girls’ 


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