Friday, June 9, 2017

Yoga Pratiman

VKIC has recently started offering Yoga Modules for different sections of society. These highly appreciated modules developed by Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari have attracted many people to practice yoga as a means of holistic personal development.

Yoga Pratiman Modules

    Pratimans for Professionals     Pratimans for Learners
            *  Swananda                      *  Pariksha De Haste 
*  Sahayog                         *  Haste
*  Samarth                          *  Tejas

Swananda is meant for busy executives and professionals.
Sahayog benefits young and working couples.
Samarth stimulates teaching professionals.
Pariksha De Haste Haste is designed to bring focus and motivations to high school and college students.

Tejas is a module keeping in mind the requirements of 8th to 12th standard students.

Apart from these VKIC offers regular Yoga sessions beginning on the first day of every month. The ten-day introductory training can be followed up by regular practice in VKIC. 

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