Tuesday, August 8, 2017

4th Sanskriti Anveshak Lecture at VKIC.

Padma Shri Ravindra Kumar Sinha delivered a Sanskriti Anveshak Lecture at VKIC on August 8, 2017. The senior scientist spoke on riverine ecosystems with special reference to threats facing Gangetic river dolphins and River Ganga. According to him rampant human interventions have throttled the river, which is revered by all Hindus. The river in the middle and upper reaches has been polluted by human and industrial waste and sustained efforts will be needed to improve the situation. It is no surprise that the population of Gangetic river dolphin has nosedived over decades. Not just the animal, but many ecosystems depending on the river water have been adversely affected. The River Brahmaputra too needs the attention of the authorities concerned; unplanned development in the river’s proximity. Protecting existing vegetation on the river’s bordering areas is just as important as planting new trees, he added.